Order tracking
If your Order Number begins with the letters “I” or “B” (ex: B1625766240176), enter it here:
If your order number does not start with the letters "I" or "B", then go to drkellyann.com and log in or create an account to manage & track your order. If you have any questions call 1-888-871-2155 or email info@drkellyann.com, and a member of our Customer Support team will gladly assist you in tracking your order.
  • Where do I find my Order Number?You can find the number in your confirmation email or on the packing slip.
  • What if I can’t find the Order Number?Contact customer support at info@drkellyann.com or call 1-888-871-2155.
  • Why can’t I use this form if my Order Number doesn’t start with “I” or “B”?We have multiple fulfillment centers across the country to serve you better. Unfortunately, each center has their own unique process for tracking orders.